★ Abundant Life ★ 101 Affirmations + Subliminal Text (Binaural Beats) LAW OF ATTRACTION

11 thoughts on “★ Abundant Life ★ 101 Affirmations + Subliminal Text (Binaural Beats) LAW OF ATTRACTION”

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  2. Considering the power of subliminal messages, how can a strong contradicting message "I always give more than I receive" be put in between the messages. This contradicts the basic concept of abundance unless the creator wants all naive users of this video to be anything but people with abundance. This is something that can not be ignored. The single message negates all other messages creating a conflicting trance to the subconscious mind. generate wealth to give back more = pitiable situation..

  3. hey! 🙂 was wondering if you can listen to this whilst looking at pictures of what you want to attract? would it still be effective? for example; i want to move to the mountains & was going to look at pictures of the exact place i would like to move one day (brecon beacons) thankyou in advance! XOX

  4. the whole world .. its these videos about money.. o goodness what can a person do.
    This comment has received too many negative votes….. a year ago.. Teacher Bless You!

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