11 thoughts on “★$5.00 MAX BET! WAS SHE WONDERFUL AGAIN!?★ WONDER WOMAN WILD | Slot Machine Bonus (Bally)”

  1. Well, yes, I would have walked away at $500 too. Who am I kidding. I'd have walked away long before that. LOL. It's so easy to know that right thing we "coulda-shoulda-woulda" do after we see the ending, isn't it. At least you got your $200 back, and I bet-cha she'll give the rest back to you next time you play. Wish I had your skill…or your luck. : )

  2. wow…..you are braver than I am! I would have cashed out after the bonus. But……I am chicken. lol. You will get it next time!

  3. Awh! At least you didn't lose any money! You are still the luckiest person I have seen on this machine!

  4. I would tell YouTube to shove their copyright up their butt..I egotistical the same machine and no issues… must be copyright timing

  5. That message at the end… "sadly…" that is true casino realness!! Awesome run on it thanks for sharing.

  6. You did good Albert! I will be at that casino I mentioned that has that huge top progressive on Wonder Woman and maybe give it a go even though not really a fan of those slots.

  7. At least you broke even and she put out something! If you sense its going cold cash it out and put in fresh cash. I try to pretend the machine thinks im someone else. Fun run

  8. Nice bonus Albert, glad she was wonderful again! I like this version better than the gold one because you can get wilds on reel 1. The Mega here is still over $22,000! They have another bank downstairs and that one was barely above $1000 so it must have hit recently and was nowhere near as high when it did.

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