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  1. 랩몬이 자는 거 모자이크 된 거 보고 깜놀했자너ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 다들 너무 기여어♥♥

  2. I luv how jimin disturbs v from sleeping he so cute(both) Jimin's vice so kawaii and cute like baby mochi

  3. I am like Rapmon evan if I hear something small or some kind of movement I wake and say things like "boo or gotcha" and then there like "wif is wrong with you"

  4. Ok, so this took me some time but I watched through the videos and came up with how all of them sleep. Here you go!:

    Jungkook- Most of the time sleeps with his mouth slightly ( and cutely ) parted. When he's sleeping, his arms/hands are either behind his head, laying crossed on his chest, or his hands are folded in his lap. He's a pretty heavy sleeper.

    Jimin- Unlike Jungkook, his mouth is closed when he sleeps and rarely open. When he's sleeping sitting, his head is either rested to the side or just hanging down. When laying down, he lays on his side Ina slightly curled position and has his arms curled in front of him. He's a slightly heavy sleeper and won't care if you bother him.

    V- when sitting and laying down, his arms are crossed or his hands are folded. His mouth usually stays closed and will ignore you when you bother him and tries to get you to stop, but eventually wakes up. He's not really a heavy sleeper but will do anything to stay in bed.

    Jhope- He usually sleeps with his mouth closed, sometimes slightly open. When lying down, I've only seen that he's usually in a curled position and he sleeps pretty peacefully. He's a light sleeper when it comes to around the members and isn't easily annoyed when bothering him.

    Suga- he is a bit of a heavy sleeper and usually just leans back when sitting and sleeping. Surprisingly, he sleeps in a I guess you can say 'neat' sleeping position and will get mad if you wake him up. Honestly, same.

    Jin- For him, I couldn't really determine about him since he smartly doesn't fall asleep much around the boys. Here's what I got: he sleeps peacefully with his lips closed, his hands usually in his lap or next to him. He's a light sleeper and isn't bothered when you wake him. ( he also still looked handsome when sleeping ;)) )

    Rapmon- Rapm sleeps with his mouth closed usually all the time and he sleeping ( sitting and laying ) in a 'straight position', as in he isn't usually sprawled out everywhere when he sleeps and lays on his back. He's an extremely light sleeper and most likely will hit you when bothered.

    I honestly don't even know if I'm a creepy stalker or I should feel proud of myself….. But anyway, there you go! Hopefully this helped in some way and I love you armys! ❤️❤️ Fighting!~

  5. 정국이 넘후 사랑스럽다 ㅏ….남준이도…석진이도…윤기도…호석이도…지민이도…태형이도…방탄존재자체가 사랑스럽다…

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