19 thoughts on “(#1 most viewed train) SP 4449 crossing at Roberts, Oregon”

  1. This brings back so many memories of me sitting in the nice toasty room, in front of my grandmas laptop watching train videos. Ah the good old days..

  2. 10 years on youtube,and still growing.I remember…when I had 5 years and I first saw the video…sooooo gooolllddd memories ❤❤

  3. Used to watch this all the time as a small child (4 years old!) This video put me on the path to become a Train Driver. I meet with a guy working at a nearby shortline so I can learn all about trains and the business for about half a day.

    Although you will never read this, thank you 'Ervan.' I will be forever grateful to you.

  4. they even have little boy, little boy is like my favorite asset, it just makes the daylight for me

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