17 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Babies Kick In The Womb”

  1. My mom told me that I just stayed in one spot in the womb. Like, a few months in he said she felt movement and nothing else during her pregnancy.
    Probably explains why I am introverted.

  2. My little one kicks and If I run my fingers over she kicks back, every time! Usually at 2am though so I think she's an early riser haha! Trying to get a video of it so I can put it in my vlog videos!

  3. They are kicking because they are practicing their ninja moves and plotting there escape from the womb

  4. I'm pregnant and I am only nine they forced me to have a baby when I was in siriya please help me whoever else wants to help me I live in 10 kingsmead

  5. I was born 2 months early so my mom says i got so bored in her womb i forced her to give birth early so i can deal with my older brother teasing me so much XD

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