10,000 BC (2/10) Movie CLIP – Killing the Mammoth (2008) HD

17 thoughts on “10,000 BC (2/10) Movie CLIP – Killing the Mammoth (2008) HD”

  1. I don't think this movie takes place in our world, but in an alternate version of our world. That's why there are so many geological and paleontological differences. The Four Legged Demons were a civilization influenced by aliens, kind of like Lovecraft's civilizations.

  2. I think the spear would break before it would pierce the thick hide of the mammoth. I can be wrong but some large animals are known to not be taken down after being shot. And that's a fucking bullet going into a much much smaller animal in today's world in comparison with a fucking mammoth.

  3. Is it just me, or did that last guy at 2:11 (all the way to the right) sound a bit like
    "Why wasn't it me? _"

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