11-Year-Old Seriously Burned When Doused With Boiling Water At Sleepover

12 thoughts on “11-Year-Old Seriously Burned When Doused With Boiling Water At Sleepover”

  1. Guys stop with the hating on the 12 yr okd girl yes she did abad thing but she wasnt thinking she was very upset when she did it she tried to commit suicide cause of it she didnt think it would go this far maybe she can get a few months in jail but dont day"go to hell""life scentence for her" or shit like that

  2. Cousins…Go get that ass!!! Catch her little behind. Let her know you don't mess with family. Mom's sue all the clothes off that girl's parents. Put them in the poor house.

  3. The parents need to be thrown in jail right along with this young violent bitch because they are the ones that raised her to be that way.

  4. It's something truly wrong with the mind of young kids today. But if you let her get away with a slap on the hand, next time she'll be facing murder charges.

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