15 thoughts on “2017 High-Speed Rail Year in Review”

  1. California High Speed Rail has been sold to California voters as a means of connecting–via high speed rail–major NorCal and major SoCal population centers. Given regional politics, it was determined that construction was to begin in the Central Valley and proceed incrementally in both directions north and south so that both those in NorCal and SoCal could monitor its progress in terms of their respective interests. I have no problem with that nor with the current construction achievements that this vid reports in the Central Valley.

    What I DO have a problem with–and what all SoCal residents ought to be concerned with–is the change of plans and policy whereby only the NorCal connection has been prioritized, designed, and placed at the top of the agenda. Granted the engineering and construction of such would be easier and less expensive than the southern end of the connection given topographical realities, but in practical political terms that de-incentivizes NorCal voters from supporting the project overall once their end of the connection is complete. Such policy also de-incentivizes SoCal residents–whose overall votes and taxes would promote and fund the majority of the project in the first place–from further supporting and funding a project whose hypothetical link to SoCal has little to no chance of ever reaching here, at least within the lifetimes of most of us, young or old.

    So in other words, at best, we MIGHT see a project connecting San Francisco and Sacramento to maybe as far south as Bakersfield–period. Even that would require an exceptional sales job by those especially adept at deception to keep even minimal support alive here in SoCal to financially support a project we have almost no chance of benefiting from. SoCal voters may be politically stupid or naive enough to provide such support for a while but we aren't THAT stupid/naive in the long run. If the so-called California High Speed Rail Project is allowed to proceed based on its current plans, favoring only a NorCal/Central Valley connection in realistic plans and terms, don't expect such to continue to be funded by SoCal tax dollars!

  2. Why can’t we electrify freight Lines as well. ITS BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!!!!. ITS MORE ECO FREINDLY THAN TIER 4 LOCOMOTIVES!!!!!

  3. ive been hearing about this train since I was in high school. I'm now 36…and they are still SOOOO far off.I also like this "re-alignment" terminology. like anything in California was aligned correctly in the first place.

  4. This is a money dump. It's already doubled the budget, taking money away from classrooms and first responders and ballooning the debt. It will never be profitable and will require public subsidies forever, just like CalTrain does. Meanwhile, unsubsidized private transport will have to compete against this socialist experiment. The founding fathers are spinning in their graves. There isn't a single HSR networtk worldwide that's profitable on its own. Building a new one here is just beyond stupid and nothing short of embezzlement of public funds.

  5. Fuck I really want this project hurry and succeed but it’s been years and it’s gonna take so damn long to complete now it’s over budget. In the end it may have a positive effect on the economy and the railway would be the envy of the US but the funding could’ve been put to better use I’m sure of it

  6. Shitty Americans it is now on hold. Hahahahaha shitty Americans better beg for jobs from ur indian master as they are now building a bullet train and now u will shit on that tracks . Hahahahha

  7. Wow all the problems in my home state… this is what moon beam wants, to carry homeless from L Dump to San franfreako.Water infrastructures 100years old and crumbling,Bridges made in China still need 10-20 mill to fix(not done)Farmers Land taken….. roads crumbling… 70 percent of them deemed unsafe..Schools crumbling and you want a train… wow

  8. fail! fuck jerry brown and rest of you thieves. $69 billion dollars, you fucking thieves told us 30 billion and now you're stealing our taxes from new gas tax jerry fucking brown raised on us that was supposed to go for road repair, fucking liars and hey, you're only 7 years behind schedule.

  9. This train will bring more population to the counties with less populations which will create more jobs and employees

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