20 thoughts on “2017 Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz: Day 3”

  1. Garry Kasparov showed tremendous courage "entering this Dragon". They (his alleged friends: Yasser, Jennifer, and Maurice) sold him for the SHOW. By conspicuously putting (additional) gargantuan pressure on him in every open occasion. That´s not the kind of empathy you give to a friend. I guess, their friendship is just highly superficial.

    The truth will set you free.

  2. 1:09:11 -"That´s too dominant." .. "-Garry is not messing this up." – It´s like they are being on a constant alert of the person under their care being incapable of preforming the task.

  3. Certainly it's very rare to lose a rook like GM Le Quang Liem did against Kasparov at their level, however, when I'm playing online those Bishops could easily succeed against rook… that is why I'd never resign when I have two bishops against two rooks… because those two sneaky pieces have the undeniable ability to create some difficulties on the board, specially if there are some pawns (not much of course, because the more is the worse for both the bishops and the rooks) to play some funny hide and seek, discoveries… 🙂 just like MVL, I simply adore my bishops xD

  4. GM Navara and GM Kasparov played one of the most entertaining positional rapid chess that I've witnessed.

  5. saint lous is just fantastic place great grand chess tour fantastci tour mazaa aa gya cant wait to be grandmaster asap.

  6. this coverage has to be one of the biggest blunders in chess history. kasparov comes out of retirement and they don't show his games. why do you think you broke viewing records? it takes a very special group of people to decide not to show kasparov. great decision.

  7. @ 2:53:22 When Le hung his rook, he instantly resigned. He still had almost 7 minutes left on his clock leaving Garry with only 17 seconds to covert. Why did he resign instead of force Garry to covert the position? Did he resign out of embarrassment? Even though Garry was out of form, is he that good that he could covert a position up a rook with under 20 seconds on his clock? Some clarification would be appreciated, thanks.

  8. I am just curious what the regulations are that prevent possible cheating when players leave the board for more than 1 minute or so. Are they not allowed to have their cell phones during competition? Its just concerning to me when a player leaves for 2-3 minutes leaving one to wonder what they might be doing since you would think bathroom and drinks would be handled before the games begin. If cell phones aren't banned on site for the players, I can just picture someone going into the coffee room and consulting an engine on their phone. I could be completely wrong, but it would be nice to have rules clarification on leaving the board. Thank you.

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