30 Min Knee Exercises for Knee Pain Relief – Knee Strengthening & Knee Stretches Knee Rehab Stretch

12 thoughts on “30 Min Knee Exercises for Knee Pain Relief – Knee Strengthening & Knee Stretches Knee Rehab Stretch”

  1. We've been having great work-outs with Coach Kosak's 25 minute beginner cardio video.  Somewhere along the line I've hurt my knee and am about to go skiing.  Thanks to his and his wife's perfect knee exercise for pain relief video I'm hoping to be back up and running, or more importantly skiing, in time for my holiday.  Thank you.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!! This is the first knee exercise video I've found that goes through the whole workout with you, instead of just quickly demonstrating each move and leaving it to yourself to go through. I also love how you focused on starting small for people dealing with pain who may not be in great shape yet (me lol.) So happy I almost cried at the end haha. 🙂

  3. I just had knee surgery 4 weeks ago. I was laid up waiting surgery for six weeks, you both have the best routines and support I have found on YT or anywhere for that matter. I started yesterday on your program and yes the popping was disconcerting but you reassured me it was no problem. huge thanks here guys. this has been a very frustrating process the last 12 weeks.

  4. I have patella formal pain syndrome as known as anterior knee pain due for over six years and later on i was toward it was due to having a weak VMO. I was wondering will these exercise work?

  5. Hello guys. I really enjoyed this workout. Can you please tell me how many times a week can I do this workout? Thaks

  6. For how long should do this exercise. I'm 59 year old. With both meniscus tearsurgery in both knee

  7. I'm 74 and an avid pickleball player. I twisted my knee going back for a ball and need to strengthen my knee. Should these exercises be done everyday (once a day or twice a day). Also, approximately how long before I would possibly see some results? I know it varies from person to person. It's a great video. Thank you.

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