10 thoughts on “5 Cancelled Games, Resurrected as Legendary Titles | Fact Hunt”

  1. Krystal was not THE protagonist she was only a playable character who was hot swappable with her brother sabre who unlike her hadn't been adopted by the father who they were seeking. people just pretend like he didn't exist when it was really his game before Nintendo stepped in

  2. Nintendo should've left Dinosaur Planet alone. Would've made a great IP, and probably prevented Rare being bought by Microsoft.

  3. Bang Average ?! To each their own i guess cause, "Starfox Adventure" is actually one of my favorite game for the Gamecube ! I Would have probably have like "Dinosaur Planet" even more as it would have been even bigger and probably would have feature and actual final battle with General Scale !

  4. Ehh, you're stretching it with Halo. It was never really cancelled. At least with Dinosaur Planet you can make the argument since the overhaul came from their publishers, which is the thread that binds all of these.

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