14 thoughts on “50 Cent CROSSES THE LINE On JAY-Z Did He Go To FAR??”

  1. 50cent is a bitch.and just WANT to be notice Jay-z isn't worrying about No hater 50cent is a bitch Nigga AND a Hater.

  2. You can't write the stuff you write either you live in a 50 million dollar house the hell you talking about

  3. Say what you want…fif out there …where Jay at?? That's right jay z is controlled by bigger statues

  4. Dude speaks the truth when other artists politic with their words , you have to respect that , everyone can’t handle truth

  5. 50 sit ur punkass down u been hating on erebody since day one get a life stay out of mfs business get ur own shit u played out keep making movies foh and u ain't good at that stop hating damn that's all u do

  6. Yeah 50 talk all that shit but he is down and been fuck outer and u could never ever fuck wit Jay !

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