16 thoughts on “6 Cars People Hate To Admit Are Fast”

  1. I still think the honda hate is retarded. I mean the only thing putting me off to buy one is that they're fwd.

  2. I rally raced my Camry for a while. I even beat a V6 Mustang in it, which was hilarious in itself. It gained me a reputation around town as a superb driver, and anybody that wants their car driven to its limits asks me to test drive their build. "If he can drift a Camry in dirt, and pull off so many neat tricks, I'm sure he can handle my 350Z."
    And that's the story of how I got to race an M3 in a twin turbo 350Z that wasn't mine.

  3. "you" doesn't equal "we". some people actually pay attention to these cars, insteaed of fucking fucklarens and shitrarri

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