14 thoughts on “8 Good Reasons You Should Smoke A Pipe”

  1. Number 9: If you are a lotr fun that would be more fun for you to smoke a pipe…..and when you buy one try do that ship in the beggining of the film

  2. One fact I can give you, is, that if you did that in San Fransico or anywhere in Oz, you'd slammed to the floor and taken away by the coppers or the feminazis, depending on who was closest!

  3. this is bullshit
    all tabaco is cancer forming even the most natural one
    its all pure shit
    and the reasons are stupid and sexist

  4. Yep. Prayer. A man never stands taller than when he's on his knees in deep and sincere prayer to the Supreme Being.

  5. Reasons not to smoke a pipe: None. Reasons to: You might enjoy it, give it a try. Sure, you might die at 85, but that's plenty of time to see your grandkids get their degrees & live a long & happy life 🙂

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