12 thoughts on “9 HOURS Tibetan Healing Sounds – Singing Bowls – Natural sounds Gold for Meditation & Relaxation”

  1. My breathing slowed down within a minute trippy stuff something very earthy and elemental ,peacefull ,oneness , universe infinite , stars infi ite .

  2. My name is Maggie, you can call me that name. I️ like this video very much. I have a cat named bodie and one named mildew. They also like this video because it is very calming and sometimes when we hear these bells we all quiet down. Thank you for going to Tibet and recording these bells because I️ want to go, but is very expensive.

  3. Welcome to Tibet!
    Tibet is one province of China! Tibetan is one of the 56 Chinese ethnic family!
    Actually the unified Tibetan leader Songzain Gambo (617-650) asked Emperor Taizong of Tang to send a princess to Tibet and got married with her as his wife. Tibetan intermarriage with Han Chinese thousand years ago and are gradually absorbed into China, long before the world's other part civilization.

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