13 thoughts on “a better place. – a movie about self harm”

  1. when My mom found out I was cutting we were at the beach. they were old cuts but not scars on my thigh and she asked what it was. I told her it was nothing and she said "ok" like it diddnt matter. she didn't care.

  2. Adults walk in your room and talk about cutting and tell you to show them your arms. That makes me super nervous. But when they start feeling my arms I get super nervous, I feel like pushing them away. Kinda like you would if someone walked up and started touching your breasts, you would push them away. When someone looks at my cuts, it's weird, and I'm nervous, but I can deal with it. But when someone feels my cuts, I feel like I'm being raped, touched inappropriately- just not in a genital area.

  3. "Do you need a ride?"
    "No, i'm good."
    "You've been here for two hours, let me give you a ride."
    "Nah, it's cool."
    girl drives up and honks
    "What are you doing?"
    "Just offering you a ride."

  4. People care…and they try. But all their caring does is make me cry. Because they try to understand…they do. But no one will ever get the emptiness like i do

  5. From what the video showed me, she has a caring mother. nice house. a car. money. a life….I wonder why she's depressed, like what actually happened. lol

  6. That thought… that no one can force you to be better until you want to be better yourself. That is so profound for me. When I first started, the only breaks I would get was thinking about how hurting me hurts the others around me, but that never lasted. I always would get so low that it didn't matter anymore, and once again more permanent lines were added to my body. My best friend would repeatedly take knives and blades from me, but I have a car and money and would just go buy more. I've been clean for three months. And not a week goes by that I don't want to do anything. But I look at myself, think I've gotten this far, I can last just a little more and push that extra way. I look at the scars, the permanent scars that mark my body, and I feel ashamed of myself, yet also proud that I am working through everything that causes me pain. I hope, that anyone out there that chances upon this video can realize this for themselves, because that is what it takes. Stay strong my friends.

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