11 thoughts on “Aberration : How to obtain the Rock Drake eggs”

  1. I tried to climb up the metal wall just as you did at 9:35. the picks broke insanely fast multiple times and I failed.

  2. If you glide right to “the spine” (the metal thing) they won’t follow you onto that once you get to the thinner part

  3. 1 am in the morning. Germany. After a 8 hour Aberration session i decide to end the night with some youtube videos. I watch this video. I can`t wait to test this. I restart the game. Collect all the stuff. Glide down. Instantly get destroyed by 4 Rock Drakes. I quit. I comment. 15 minutes.

  4. Thank you SO much, I've seen so many videos on where this place is with coords but never a way to actually find it. Only thing I'd suggest is turn down the game sound a bit, the geiger counter was really annoying.

  5. There is a terminal near the big skeleton what you can upload to egg to and then get it from the oblesks terminal on the surface

  6. <3 you but this is a pretty bad way to do it,
    The easiest way I found is just to go there with a good spino (there is a way down and up to one of the nests) and kill all of the drakes after you take the egg.

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