3 thoughts on “Abraham Hicks – RAMPAGE – Feeling the Abundance”

  1. Money Loves Me.

    Money is my favorite
    It is always around
    It love to come running
    When it hears the sound
    Of my voice.
    Money loves me so much
    That is makes the choice
    To stay in my life
    And keep my wallet full
    It loves me abundantly
    No matter where I went to school
    Or what I do for a living.
    Money wants to come with me
    Because money is so giving
    Gracious and kind.
    I can see thousands of dollars
    Accumulating in my mind
    And in my bank.
    Money has always made sure
    My financial ship never sank.

  2. The Vortex is literally drawing in all things necessary for the completion of every request it contains. ~ Abraham Hicks

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