20 thoughts on “Abrupt Edge”

  1. As someone who really wants to travel but also has terrible anxiety, seeing the root parts of your travel in this video was really nice. I've been on a plane once in my life, I was 14, and my parents did everything. I would have no clue what to do, where to go, or how to do it. Just seeing even these basics made me feel almost like I myself was traveling without actually going anywhere. So while this video did raise my anxiety level, I can't express how appreciative I am of it. I know that sounds weird, but thank you.

  2. 3:10 I guess you could say that your flight was… 'Mysty'.

    You know, as in 'misty'… It's a joke… I was making a joke… Okay, I'm going to leave now…

  3. Marz-dah and a yarr-is? You guys say car brands so different! Or maybe it's just different to hear it in an accent other than Australian…

  4. I was just in that garage and got helped by that same parking attendant in June. So, that makes us practically related. 😀

  5. For navigating while driving, may I recommend Waze. I know it isn't a big hit all across the States, but it is amazing. Their maps are all user generated and verified and that means that they are always up to date, like "this road just opened today, how the heck does it already know that!?" up to date.

  6. I really enjoyed this video for some reason. I found the footage to be very cinematic. Are you using a different lens/camera or something? I hope you had fun at mysterium!

  7. My favorite part of the plane jinx was that we could JUST see the moment when it clicked that you saying this might not be a good idea.

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