4 thoughts on “Adapted Driving Expo-Vehicle 2-Worlds 1st Wheelchair Accessible SUV- The Braun Ability MXV”

  1. There is no audio except for the intro music. I find these videos every now and then to see how the rich disabled live. I live in Indiana, and I have ms. The problem is I can't walk, but I can still move my legs. That means I usually don't qualify for any kind of motorized assistance. I have trouble asking for help any way. I was raised to pull the cart. On top of that, I ruined my credit score trying to feed my family because when my job found out the diagnosis, I was laid off. Never tell your employer anything about your health. Then, once I was accepted into the system, they make sure any liquid savings you've accrued is wiped out before they approve you for medical help. I should have purchased a durable valuable and gifted it to a trusted family member. I saw someone in the comments priced one of these vehicles. The thought to price a vehicle never comes into my mind. I was diagnosed before my prime earning years, and I lost the wife I diligently tried to keep in the American dream, so no spouse to help get a loan. I hold no animosity toward anyone who can qualify for things like this. Good for them. Especially if they are younger like the man in the video. I was able to throw my wheelchair into the trunk, and lean on the car using my cane until 2.5 – 3 years ago until my 15 year old Camry finally gave up the ghost. I don't usually gripe much, but every once in awhile I let it out away from my family and friends. Sorry whoever happens to be the recipient this time. I hope someone who comes across this video qualifies for this. There was no audio after the intro for me. I'm not even sure of the criteria, or if this was just an ad for the company. Hey, check out Kneel Vans. They are always good for a day dream for me. They kneel in the rear, and you can park in any parking space, and they do the conversions to the square vehicles marketed towards younger people. I'm just 52, but I'd be willing to look like I'm in a mid-life crisis to have that kind of freedom.

  2. I priced this at my Ford Dealer and it is so cost prohibitive. Is there some disability association that would help with cost of acquiring one for a disabled person?

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