11 thoughts on “After Charlottesville, Let’s Talk about Power instead of Peace 08/14”

  1. Why do black socialist hate free speech? Why do white socialist progressives hate free speech?

  2. You can be recognized by any state sponsored camera anywhere in the world from the first online photo / vid.

  3. The King James version of the so called Christian bible said it be ok for masters to Beat their slaves and that slaves should obey their Masters…

  4. Black people think that whites hate us. That's not the issue. Whites hate themselves because they are the fallen ones rejected by God. That's why he took their eumelanin from them, calcified their pineal glands and then made them burn up in the Sun. That is clear evidence that God does not like them one bit. They know it. They don't care. They only care about the material world and have ZERO interest in Spirit. Of course Spirit is really the only thing that matters in the end. They are soulless walking dead condemned to a shallow existence. They hate us because we have what they lost……just like GET OUT.

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