15 thoughts on “Alaska in fear. A Serial Killer is on the loose.”

  1. Anchorage and other Alaskan cities are supposed to have large amounts of murder and rapes because people live so remotely there. Unfortunately, fringe elements can be attracted to place where they can hide out from society, and more easily escape punishment for violent crimes. It's too bad for the native people there.

  2. This documentary is incredibly disrespectful towards the victims families. They try to paint this asshole like he was a victim!!! He killed five people but the whole second half of the documentary is full of people talking about what a great guy he was. Terrible thing to do to the families involved.

  3. this is why it's so hard for people to reach out to homeless people. people always want to help, but some people are far gone beyond the help of an ordinary person like you and me. some of these people need professional help, and being in such a small city where the population is small, we need to be more careful with people we associate ourselves with. use your best judgements and just don't associate with SKETCHY people, no matter how "cool" they may seem, no matter how many people can back them up. YOU don't know shit about anybody. It is not hard to distinguish someone that's battling drug addiction, but it is hard to determine a sociopathic person. RIP to everyone who lost their lives. And to those saying "they deserve to die because they're ugly" you are just as bad of a person.

  4. The bicycle issue…

    1. The person is not of age to drive?

    2. The person may have lost their license; due to crime such as (example) DUI and/or loss of insurance.

    3. The person never had a car, or lost their vehicle – lack of payment, vehicle failed mechanically.

    Note where one of the victims frequents; soup kitchen, where – not a lot of people own vehicles. Also, where incident with the here teenage girls occurred… Close to area where homeless frequent

  5. Rip Kevin turner. I've met Kevin turner before at Jett Morgan when it was downtown at the BAC. He was always lying about stupid shit, but after his murder they said he has mental issues, now that makes sense…

  6. anyone can kill. any event can set it off. even people you least likely suspect. how often do you hear he was so nice so quiet kept to himself. deadly.

  7. I think they got the wrong guy! It was the Alaskan bush people who did it! Browntown is RIFE with BODIES in shallow graves, I tell ya!!

  8. ok so he made hard goals for himself… ppl always do that to challenge themselves… win or lose… but everyone doesn't become a serial killer….. this guy had something else going on…… underlying mental problem…. what is it?

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