20 thoughts on “All 30 New Switch Games ANNOUNCED & Release Date Update For Week 4 January 2018 | Nintendo News”

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    – Games List
    0:04 Saturday Morning RPG
    0:59 Masters of Anima
    1:50 Aegis Defenders
    2:40 Nintendo LABO
    3:10 Super Chariot
    3:50 Spacejacked
    4:37 Scribblenauts Showdown
    5:01 Epic Loon
    5:41 Dream Alone
    6:07 Squadron 51
    6:56 TorqueL: Physics Modified Edition
    7:26 SD Gundam G Generation Genesis
    8:14 disgaea 1 remake
    8:56 Neo Atlas 1469
    9:27 ESCAPE TRICK: 35 Fateful Enigmas
    9:52 Tennis
    10:21 Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy
    10:51 Boxy Racers
    11:16 Strikers 1945 II

    – Release Date Update
    11:41 Snow Moto Racing Freedom
    11:56 FUZE Code Studio
    12:11 Crypt of the NecroDancer
    12:26 Sky Force Reloaded
    12:42 Mercenaries Saga Chronicles
    12:57 Tangledeep
    13:12 Dandara
    13:28 Disc Jam
    13:43 Zero Gunner 2
    13:58 Space Dave!
    14:13 The Fall Part 2: Unbound

  2. darn. was really hoping that sd gundam game to be a fighter not asome grid base strategy. here's hoping level-5 makes another LBX game for the switch to get that customization fighter itch.

  3. So….are the complaints about Indie titles from the idea that there are way too many? I mean, I’m pretty sure a lot of developers are still unsure about making stuff for the Switch, so idk.

    I mean, Doom 2016 worked great! Some of these Indie titles look good also. Not sure if I’ll be used to a chibi Gundam, but it could be cool.

    The heavy hitting stuff like Kirby, Metroid, etc., won’t be until later, so we’ll have to exercise a bit more patience. I’ve been doing fine so far. Don’t see a reason why others’ shouldn’t and bash Indie titles for it. Reminds me of the Sm4sh Dark Pit Lucina hate.

  4. Looks like 80 percent of indie games are some sort of 2D games… Don't get me wrong, 2D games can be great. But the 2D games here look like mobile games that you would be able to get for free :/

  5. So can we actually get some triple A titles? Botw, odyssey and splatoon 2 get kinda boring after awhile

  6. When tangledeep said 02 2018 did it mean February or second quarter of the year around may to June ?

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