17 thoughts on “Andy McKee – Guitar – Tight Trite Night (Don Ross)”

  1. i used to serve this guy coffee at starbucks when he lived in mineola texas. he always ordered an iced caramel macchiato. he would always make a comment about, "Drifting" through. never knew what that meant until now.

  2. What the actual fuck..Gets better everytime I listen to this, totally own's that mother fucker, slapping that bitches arse, I feel you bro. yes i. ..

  3. straight beast mode! that like double slap harmonic before the hammor on pulling off galliping slap technique is so tight ! hope 2 seen andy in richmond va aug 12 wish me luck 2 b there 2 see him buckethead was just my first concert now andy mckee the second one this is the best godly concert line up and my first ones! w o w !

  4. The three Youtube videos that sparked the acoustic revolution in 2007/2008:
    – Aerial Boundaries
    – Drifting
    – This one.

  5. it´s really interesting how both don ross´ and sungha jungh´s versions lack the enormous amount of control over dynamics, time, groove and articulation which andy totally is a master of. just great!

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