18 thoughts on “Angry Mom vs Tantruming 7yr Old In Naughty Corner | Supernanny”

  1. REALLY SHE ONLY 7 THEO ARE JUST TURN KIDS WHAT YOU WHAT YOU SCREAM SHE LEARNS THAT FROM YOU DONT DO THAT WHAT YOU WONT QUIET TIME REALLY WHO ACTING LIKE KID IS YOU JEEZ GET HOLD WITH YOURSELF YOUR NOT NORMAL look the tying they won't be kids forever they grow when there grow they be just like you so let play as much as they want and if they don't want food it's better maybe in there is bad something she doesn't like

  2. Where in the hell is their Dad? also every dad in the world doesn’t take care of their kids

  3. Children should be happy they have a mom that does everything for them because some people have parents who don't care about them so kids should be thankful

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