19 thoughts on “ANOTHER Cloud9 Vs SK FINALS! Cs_summit 2 2018!”

  1. ok not sure if this is right but in the lower bracket finals right now I think its SK vs Liquid, meaning that the Grand-Finals could be SK Vs Cloud9 AGAIN

  2. Come on all highlight with shot kills, it just like a highlight for nba players score a point. Need to make these video better. Need to show how they came into their aim and fire. Could take like 20 mins for the video but that will be a good quality video that we expect. Dislike. Hope you could do better. But still love the upload for the game.

  3. wtf has gotten into cloud9 literally FaZe would ez beat them 2:0 in semis but now cloud9 beats them in a fucking major and ez 2:0 SK

  4. Remember how all the SK fans were making excuses that they only lost to C9 at the major because they were exhausted and they didn't have boltz… Where are those excuses now? lol

  5. C9 is on their top form right now, specially if they playing on Inferno. that CT side was almost perfect

  6. These were pretty interesting matches. I see that SK isnt ready to play vs this kind of team so i would love to see them adapt, well played to C9 tho, beating SK with boltz.

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