Ants Swarming on Sidewalk End Up in Kitchen

Ants drive me nuts. They crawl all over the place looking for food. I can understand that. I do that myself just before sitting down to watch some TV in the evening. Ants are social creatures. They go out making a trail of pheromones. If they find food, they double up the scent trail on the way back. That way more ants can follow the trail to the food source. When I saw about a hundred of them on our countertop in the kitchen, I knew I had to call an exterminator in NYC to get rid of them.

There is likely not any way a homeowner could find the path they are taking to get inside. Unless there is a huge line coming and going, you just won’t see where they are coming in at. Plus, they can be coming up through the foundation through little tunnels under ground. Not all of them crawl up the outside of the foundation leaving a visible trail. It is suspected that the ones at our house where getting in through an old section of stone foundation that was about three layers thick. There was no sealing it tight. The only thing we could do was have it sprayed.

Earlier that spring I had seen ants swarming on the sidewalk out front. I did not think anything about it until they got inside. Their colony must have grown to huge proportions and they expanded their territory in search of food. With two teenagers and a preteen, there are always crumbs on the counter that attract lots of little critters. Oh, the kids did clean up. They just did not do a thorough job like their mom does. I did not want to have to kill the ants, but I also could not have them taking over my kitchen. The good thing that came out of it is the meticulous attention the kids are now giving to wiping the countertop clean. They don’t want the ants back either.

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