9 thoughts on “Aquarius August 2017~A VERY PSYCHIC MONTH, WHAT DO YOU DESIRE?”

  1. Girl i can not with you. are on point and blessed. Keep up the excellent work. I could literally see you downloading information bits…Nice connect!

  2. Funny you pulled the judge card going to court with a Sagittarius this month, yassss this reading is so on point!!!!

  3. thanks so much; sweet angel helping again with great guidance; on spot always..sending you love and light:)x

  4. Lol awww you have a little Aquarius is yessss so true we are athletic ! I had a dream a few months ago before I even knew I pregnant of a set of twins but the dream stood out to me I couldn't forget because it seem as if it was a miscarriage or something anyways I found out my cousin and one of my closest friends were pregnant so I just guessed oh well that was two babies I didn't tell them about the miscarriage part I didn't want to freak them both out.. I just prayed for them and there pregnancy there both doing fine and are due in September. But here I am I'm 3 months pregnant went in for my checkup today and behold I was the one pregnant with twins but one didn't make it but I'm okay because I still have one.. so yes very psychic time I always dream anyway but it's even more intense when I'm pregnant my first child I dreamed he was a boy went the following week and it was a boy ‼️

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