12 thoughts on “Arsenal fans stage protest against Arsène Wenger before Bayern Munich game – video”

  1. he is a great man , he is 100 fit for his duty, he has done a great job every time, why are people blaming him, he can manage the formation, players are not that good as we have seen henrys time, or before him, only two three players are good else are third class, why they did waste their money on shits, buy a food player , now what happer striker are good midfirlder bad defender bad, goalkeeper bad no cordination at all they paid for fuking pussys n clubbing everynight, buy a good player the team will grow dont need to spend 50 million money on shittless local player, why ancelotti, allegri, zidane, conte are good because they are managing worldclass player, pep guardiola took all credid now you can see him to struggle with city stop it guys wenger ( mr bean ) is worldclass manager he is the inly one handle world 4 club at one time do you know that, stop support every english player who doesnt have ball control paid millions fuck it, you will akways strugle even you have god manager okay

  2. To quote the man himself: "You have to be careful not to change the champions league too much by bringing in even more weaker teams, because you could find yourself with
    games five and six with no meaning. That would be very dangerous for the quality of the competition."

  3. maybe it's not Wengers fault why don't you pick on the players…they get paid enough so they should step up and play like they are supposed to….

  4. This is what we need to do in Philadelphia instead of call the radio station and bitching on Facebook.

  5. What's the point in staging a protest AFTER the game when they have already been beaten 10-2? They should have seen it coming and do it before. stupid.

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