15 thoughts on “Ashamed of what happened at IBW Goa”

  1. जो हुआ है निसंदेह ग़लत हुआ है ख़ैर उस बच्चे को कोई चीज़ पसंद नहीं आयी है तो उसने अपने विचार रखे है

    अगर आपको पसंद नहीं था तो आप भी कॉमेंट कर सकते है परंतु ये जो घटना घटित हुई है उसके साथ वो ग़लत है

  2. I couldn't understand what you are saying. Please consider us non hindu or other language speakers, other than English lan.

  3. Sab young hai garam khoin hai karne se pehle nahi sochte uske after effects badme dikhte hai agar ye ladka Jo mar kha raha hai vo video agar police me dikha dega to jisne bhi Mara hai Vo sab ragde me aajaege

  4. You spoke from heart. Very well said bulu bhai. One rider should always care about fellow rider like a soldier.

  5. Disgusting… such people are a shame to the biking community, such guys should be boycotted by the biking community

  6. bulu bhai…well said with great power comes with great responsibility….whatever the guy would have done , violence is not the solution….Respect every rider and bike even if they not….

  7. Wheres the Biking Brotherhood guys. "Saying sorry to a Bike" its really sad that something like this can happen in 2017. Good Luck and ride safe.

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