13 thoughts on “AUTHENTIC Alien Photograph Uncovered?”

  1. Aliens are a distraction made by theocratic/occult/freemason pagans who are trying to make you lose faith is god and believe we manifest as a god ourselves. This is a long standing war and is about end, and your going to be surprised.

  2. All is possible but, why does these images always, and I mean always are blurry ? I mean you have a guy that is beeing transported elsewhere and the only proof is blurry pictures. And what about the artifacts ? Can you find those ? Is there a link we could see them ? thanks man, I'm new to your chanel. Great job ! πŸ™‚

  3. I'm just wondering if humans are being abducted by aliens and taken off planet if they give us breathing apparatuses? Outer space has no oxygen…how do we breathe?

  4. all aliens comes from uranus ….. lets make a xfiles 'S11xe04" joke…. it comes from uranus….. let us explore uranus….. ohhhhh i see uranus …..

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