1. Hi – I've been a creeper for a while, but thsi year I told myself I'd comment more on other peeps videos – so hi! love the vids keep them up since they are inspiring

  2. 6:55 – Man, this shot is so good…Probably my favorite from you, actually (and it's partially why I bought your presets).

    Fujifilm should give you the hookup because of that shot…You're doing the X-Series proud, my friend 🙂

  3. Stumbled upon you and your channel when I was looking up videos about the x100f. Saw your Japan video(s)… I am a fan of the Fujifilm cameras, saw the awesome images and content from you and of course I am also a big fan of Japan and it's culture. Subscribed then and there.

    Keep it up! ✌

  4. Happy new year my friend!! so happy that your channel reach 100k subscriber. Hope can meet you up when you drop by Singapore / Malaysia :))

  5. Happy New Year, Joe and Elly! So that's where the name "Jelly Journeys" come from, didn't even notice until I typed you guys' names out just now. I just want to say thanks for sharing these videos with us, I really enjoy your photography content and it's really becoming an inspiration for me to start getting into street photography. Can't wait to see more travels in 2018!

  6. This year I want to start my own youtube channel… if i dare to expose myself like that. Landscape photography in the north of belgium

  7. Absolutely love your photography, especially the photos you took in Japan, which I suppose might be because I'm just as much of "Japanfan" like you are. I've being following this channel since the New Zealand times and I still love the good vibes of this channel. Happy new year and I'm looking forward to see how you and your content will develope in 2018. 🙂

  8. Loved this! Are you planning to collaborate with Tom again. Would love to see him take you to shoot landscapes and vice versa but with street photography

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