BEST WORST Biggest Longest ABSCESS BOIL ZIT GROWTH Cyst POP BURST EXPLODE (good at 5 min 30 sec)

14 thoughts on “BEST WORST Biggest Longest ABSCESS BOIL ZIT GROWTH Cyst POP BURST EXPLODE (good at 5 min 30 sec)”

  1. Dude, your in a car literally operating with dirty fingernails and pliers! You have singley thrown medicine back a couple hundred years!

  2. Take care of yourself, Shawn. Your precious little girl needs you. She needs you to be by her side for many years. When you feel you don't want to go on, think of her and fight. Just don't care about those heartless, ignorant people that don't know what your problems are, what you're going through. Ignore them…and go on fighting for yourself and your loved ones. May God bless and help you.

    Is this you, hun, or do you have contact with who it is? You don't have to answer my question on here, but if your answer is yes to either question, could you plz reach out to me? Thank you❤️

  4. I had an abscess from a missed shot that was HUUUUGE! I couldnt even move my arm. And I ignored going to the hospital cuz I was so worried about getting my next fix. It it caused a huge infection and I got staph. now I have a huge scar on my arm. Those things suck. But going to the hospital and doctor saved my life! not only from infection but going in and having the doctors see how unhealthy I was and how addicted to heroin I was, they immediately got me in with a specialized doctor to get me clean. I've now been clean since 12-10-2013. I know it's hard but you can do it! if I can, anyone can! I wasted 9 years of my life chasing that high. Take care of yourself and follow your heart and what makes you truly happy. everything else will fall into place. And theres always help if you need it. Even if it's just from a few followers of this video. We we can pull rwsources together. And who knows, maybe just going to the doctor for that abscess will lead you to another doctor that can help like mine did. BEST WISHES! ❤

  5. Hey Potty Mouth: If you're still alive. 80% of these have MRSA. You could have a stapf infection also. Everyone that gets these gets it drained along with anti-biotics. They would have cut the dead skin off too. If it goes septic you could die. Didn't you wonder why your skin was so red? INFECTION.

  6. I really hope you went to the hospital for that, it's very dangerous to leave untreated. hope all is well for you.

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