16 thoughts on “Betsy DeVos Is On The Right Side Of History”

  1. Thankfully there are still honest people like yourself around willing to fight for our rights. Keep up the good work.

  2. I listened to Devos's announcement. I liked most of what I heard. Radical feminists are outraged.

    I was bothered that I never noticed her use the word accuser(s).

  3. DeVos is unqualified for her position, and is against public schooling. I suppose a broken clock can be right twice a day, but in general, fuck DeVos and all the rest of Trump's swamp.

  4. From my cursory view of the applications of such tribunals, so much is rooted in destroying due process:
    1) Administrative hearings used to quickly "convict" off one-sided information
    2) No legal representation that is either useful or allowed to vigorously defend their client
    3) Quasi-investigative powers, and hardly accurate or trained to handle such grave and life-altering crimes
    4) Executive branch overreach into judicial procedures, hearings. THIS results in all manner of violation of constitutional powers and the due process amendments.
    5) Appointed people are not properly trained to do discovery, follow criminal procedure, or reflect any impartiality in such
    6) Judgments are reached from ideological perspectives
    7) Damage to such defendants are horrible; and to be even, a few of these women needed serious psychological help (others a taste of the legal stick instead of the carrot of complaint)

    Personally, I've had false accusations levied against me, many, many years ago (2001.) I no longer involve myself with women due to the 'lesson' of:
    a) jurisdiction influenced by Feminist dogma (you don't learn this until after the fact)
    b) the alleged victims' knowledge of law —her daddy was a NLRB lawyer… (and also a real piece of work, using the investigatory powers of the internet)
    c) She later ran up a podiatrist — drugs (script writing for her & him) that she had dated

    I would be more of an activist, but life got in the way. And well, I appreciate those that do battle like Feminism KEK.

    DeVos gets this remedied…I couldn't care if she does anything else.

    Obama circumvented due process — as he was a Con Law professor at Chicago – http://www.factcheck.org/2008/03/obama-a-constitutional-law-professor/ ; https://www.law.uchicago.edu/media — that REALLY is despicable.

  5. Just remember folks, if the Democrats win in 2018 and 2020, these title IX horrors will probably come back. Don't vote Democrat until they drop the identity politics.

  6. This is literally a goddamn kangaroo
    court system! It makes me fucking sick!

    Keep it up, Diana! We need as many
    people like you as possible, sugar.

  7. I don't always take your side in some of the YouTube drama, but I love how you're passionate about the important things.

  8. Thanks for the vid post. Truly hope you can make progress on getting rid of these tribunals and help instill some common sense.

  9. "We like to imitate the States." My God, how true, how pathetic we are. "Oh, they have a BLM movement, so we will. Oh, they're attacking historical monuments, so we will!" As you say, "And yay us! We're better than Trump." Keep up the good fight against today's fascism. You'll lose, but history will thank you.

  10. These young men are simply going to have to play the system and sue the hell out of them. Nothing will change the policy like 100 or so multi million dollar settlements.. That is what it took here. If there weren't over 100 lawsuits over denial of due process winning left and right this wouldn't have gotten any attention.

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