8 thoughts on “Bill Clinton gives away a secret of the legal industry”

  1. …on the subject of Clinton's, supposed photos of his ¬†Aids issues. Some say, ¬†this is how you look when you've had your head up someone's ass for several decades. Aids to the max! How? Some say one should not corn hole, and eat the cob without making sure all the hog hair has been removed…some say this is how BC got aids….What's your thoughts on the corn hole part…

  2. I won a case where they tried to charge me with a felony. As soon as they came to me with a plea agreement I told em take it to trial cuz I knew I was innocent. The next court hearing the Prosecutor came to me and said my case was dismissed. Imagine that, they wanted me to plea out but I refused and they dismissed because they had no evidence.
    They do that shit to keep you hung up in the system and get you for whatever they can

  3. EOG Here, Jay brings up a great point with the help of Slick Willy. As I watch many of the "Civil Rights Test Videos" I see time and time again the "Independent News Journal" basically hand law enforcement more and more evidence to hang them with, their mouths convict them, yet they continue to shoot their mouths off and I wonder why. I consider it a form of "Verbal Suicide" . Here is my cure , place either your right or left palm under your chin/jaw and push upward whenever you feel the urge to show how brilliant a speaker you really think you are. This technique has saved many a ass from jail and it can do the same for you.

    Great video Jay, please follow this up ASAP with the "Disclaimer" video, man I can't wait to get my head wrapped around that one.

  4. I`ve got a mate that is dead against religion ( as am I ) and he sees this as the be and end all in the enemy he needs to defend his family against ( his wife is a Christian BTW ) yet he cannot conceive of the notion that those very rules he thinks are the " Saving grace of humanity " against anarchy are those rules that originate from the KJB
    He`s essentially a smart man but I`m astounded at the level of stupidity demonstrated because he passionately hates religion.
    Better to know your enemy I say. That way you aren't blinded by emotional issues and can see the whole picture a HELL of a lot better.

  5. He looks pretty good in that clip, guess he forgot his ailing look of death. He's looking to disappear, not dieing.

  6. you are a great and smart man. Thank you for sharing the knowledge base. You speak total truth …..get it ha ha he he…..LOL
    great disclaimer…….
    Chief Jones

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