6 thoughts on “Billy Graham Chaplains in Parkland Florida: Pray for Peace, Comfort”

  1. Billy Graham is a demon, the incarnation of Satan . Which appointed you to do what you are spirit to make. Stopped sending of poor man souls in search of safety to hell.

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    All these churches that are on the earth are only nets launched by Satan to mislead the children of God. Jesus Christ is Lord and Kacou Philippe is his only Prophet, mediator between God and men on earth.

  3. Those Luis Palau, Frank Alexandre, Jim Lassiter, Hamsa Eichler, René Samuel Sirat, Nichiko Niwano, Konrad Raiser, Elio Toaff, Billy Graham, Morris Cerullo and Benny Hinn are nothing but demons precipitated into human bodies.

  4. Kc. 60:64 So to simplify everything, God has planned the judgment of the great white throne which is the type of the Jewish Sanhedrin, the type of our supreme court here. You see? In order not to accept Jesus, they registered on the list of the disciples of Moses. They said in John 9:28, "… We are disciples of Moses."

    Kc. 60:65 How can you be followers of him whom you did not know on the earth and who has not even lived in the same generation as you?

    Kc. 60:66 Yet after Moses, Baruch, son of Nerijah, was a disciple of Jeremiah and Elisha was a disciple of Elijah. You see? And in more than a thousand years later, they set themselves up as disciples of Moses in order not to accept Jesus Christ, the light of their time. And today, the great-grand-sons of those Pharisees, whom the hell awaits, have extended and continue to extend the list of the apostles and disciples of Jesus. Today, in year 2003, they are apostles and disciples of Jesus of Nazareth who was walking in the streets of Jerusalem and who had altogether twelve apostles and seventy disciples. You see?

  5. Jesus Christ is the Almighty God and Kacou Philip is his only Prophet on earth today. Outside him, Billy Graham and all these so-called pastors are servants of Satan.

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