1. Hey everyone I believe I found the proper fix for the wallet. I will be making a video when I come back from Cancun.

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  3. If you are having problems syncing make sure the bitconnect wallet folder has the bitconnect.conf file. If it doesn't you need to add it using notepad. In the notepad file you need to add the bitconnect blockchain nodes. The nodes can be found on blockchain expolorer.

  4. lol i sent it over before i synced it did i lose it permanently? it wasn't much anyway it was just a little bit i had over after my 100$ first loan.

  5. What if I´ve send Bcc from the mainhomepage to wallet before syncing? Are those lost for ever? The support of Bitconnect doesnßt react on my questions

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  7. Do you know why the maturity in my coins reset? I received a mining reward yesterday and it says my next reward was 17 hours away, however, after starting up my laptop it now says I don't have mature coins so it's not staking. I didn't move the coins at all..

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