18 thoughts on “Bite Sized WoW News – Darkmoon Faire, Brewfest ending, Harvest Festival”

  1. These videos feel kinda pointless man, just being honest. Too short and vague. Not really sure theres much of a demand for "bite sized" wow news. Just do regular full length wow news

  2. I just wanted to thank you for promoting GrimLaugh. He is a great content creator and I myself enjoy him very much. But I am also very thankful that there are people like you, to do such a thing. Very honorable. You've earned my repsect.

  3. Hirumare you lovable Super Saiyan Psycho. I didn't know you cared, I knew mailing you all those dead birds would pay off.

    But seriously, Thank you for the shout-out, It makes me all warm and Fuzzles inside to know some of you guys appreciate my twisted sense of humor.

  4. Подпрапорщик из Войска Лордерона says:

    i love Grim Laugh , i'm plesed that you love him too)

  5. does the argus wide world quest unlock the waypoints or just the main ones then we find them manually?

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