12 thoughts on “BKP Tutorial: Covered vs. Uncovered humbuckers”

  1. People should stop worrying about shit like this and just play the damn guitar. not disrespecting the video though. Thanks for sorting it out !

  2. Covered, it has that classic les Paul creamy tone. Uncovered, it sounds too trebly and has a muddier tone.

  3. Great demonstration! I wondered how I could muffle the pick noises for my SG & Bass VI.The sound is like nails on a chalkboard for me

  4. The pick-ups sound top Shelf but damn that last run you did tripped me out!!! Shit that was smooth and AWESOME!!!! KILLER PICKING. ID LOVE TO MASTER THAT LITTLE LICK!!!

  5. How can i tell bkp apart? I have a set of bkp in my les paul but can't tell if they're mules or stormy mondays. Can't remember which a mate said but i kind of need to know. Do they have any markings at all that tell me this?

  6. you have to take into account that with a covered one, the Screws on the adjustable bobbin are a lot higher than they are on an Uncovered one – this makes a far bigger difference to the sound than a thin piece of nickel on top of the pickup ……..

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