3 thoughts on “Blaklader Brawny Canvas Jacket”

  1. I use this jacket when i ride my Harley. Longer back length works just right covering my coin slot . Damn thing is almost bulletproof. Looks and feels rugged yet comfortable.

  2. well worth the money. I've had mine for over three years and it's been through some shit but looks great everywhere you go. this is basically my winter back pack. I love this thing so much I bought a second one because by the time this jacket gets destroyed it's going to be discontinued.

  3. I just got one of these jackets. Love the extra pockets. Noticed some things that could be better. Given the price I expected a heavy duty zipper. Next some of the pockets are nicely large but with the zipper opening too small. Like the chest ones, book size pocket that you can't get a book into. In some areas the canvas is to stiff, like the collar. Lastly though not as important, Down the spine of the jacket is prone to make you sweat.

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