17 thoughts on “Blink Is Confronted By A Stranger | Season 1 Ep. 11 | THE GIFTED”

  1. Love this show even more LOL i hope the hellfire club will rise at season 2, the frost sisters only the worker theres the big boss behind the screen yessss!!

  2. Episode 11 was sooooooo good. The stepford sisters look amazing visually and for representation of the character

  3. Interesting they're moving to the Purifiers so quickly. They're one of the most extreme and genocidal anti-mutant factions with elite troops and high tech equipment.

    I would have expected to see the Friends of Humanity first. They're the more widespread populist faction with a lot of political power and support among regular people.

  4. Poloris wasnt living up to the name. then episode 11. well lets just say the apple does not fall to far from the tree

  5. They haven't posted the trailer for the next episode so I'm just going to say it here, if you go onto the fox app and watch this episode, go to the very very end like end credits there is an extra scene like how at the end of every marvel movie after the credits there is a scene this is just like it.

  6. This show is getting worse and worse. In the latest episode (11) they equate using mutants as weapons to being PC. What the heck? It's not an issue of PC, but of legal versus illegal.

    If I had to bet, based on what's happened so far, I'd say one of those Esme girls (Stepford Cuckoos) is going to make out with a Mexican/Latino guy. That's the only kind of guy they have for the White girls on this show for some reason. #social engineering #Anti Cis-White-Male

    This show is some real pseudo activist social commentary bull junk at times.
    I might drop it and stick with Runaways.

  7. Good lord magneto was right human are over zealot idiots for most part also wonder striker is going to appear in this or the next season

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