16 thoughts on “Bodycam Footage Shows Deputy Shooting Suspect Armed With Rifle”

  1. This scary ass judgemental cop. The guy had the rifle in one hand and when the cop raised his pistol the guy threw the rifle down and ran. That cop scary ass needs to be retrained.

  2. The dislike number is insane for such an obvious cop-in-the-right video. People just hate cops for the sake of it.

  3. Spoiled white boy shit. Attacks a cop, runs away but gets shot and turns into a WHIMPERING ASS PUSSY. LMAO fuckin punk ass chump

  4. looks like he was trying to hit the officer with the but of the gun,….and the officer responded by shooting the individual who must have been angry about something, and basically someone died unnecessarily, and i am sad to see this, everyone gets angry…about something sometimes, thats life, Your choice as a human being, are as follows: are guns more important than the seat of the soul?

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