11 thoughts on “Brawny Man Running with a Rock”

  1. Man = tough.
    Tough can also be durable.
    Brawny = tough and durable.
    So basically their using "this" man(mascot) as a personification of their product to show how "good" their product is.
    I'm surprised you couldn't figure stuff like this out on your own.

  2. @darthren2 Lesbian… or man-hating man. Either way, s.t.f.u.. You're being inconsiderate to everyone here with your cynical comment and stubborn mentality. I can't change the way you think obviously but I can tell you not to put, '"a real man"', as you said, in quotes. Tomorrow my (male) friends and I (also male) are going to Hines Park (it's a forest) and I'm gonna tell them to find rocks to jog with. Just to clear our heads. We're skinny and young. Not men yet. Also not loser trolls.

  3. Hey! Man! Not too many Brawny guys run through the woods with a rock! So if ya see him, at least give the guy some water.

  4. this is retarded! what does being "a real man" have to do with paper towels? stupid male macho bullshit

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