BREAKING – Brussels anger as UK ‘admits next round of Brexit talks will only be talks about talks’

15 thoughts on “BREAKING – Brussels anger as UK ‘admits next round of Brexit talks will only be talks about talks’”

  1. Just talk about what cunts they are and walk away. Go to WTO rules and we will get on with putting the Great into Britain again.

  2. That's all the EU want to talk about no amount of money will please them so give them nothing walk away let them get on with it with out our money but this government are so weak they will give are money away she must go she is so useless this country's go down fast

  3. The EU has only themsleves to blame. They were the ones to try these sort of tactics, probably with the Remainiacs giving them a false sense of security. If the UK walks it may be somewhat disruptive to the UK economy in the short to medium term but the UK will recover and be a lot better off. For the EU it will a disaster, they will lose a protected market, will be unable to send their surplus workers to Britain and will severely miss our net contributions, not to mention access to our fish. What has been demonstrated is that the EU are definitely not friends and revealed themselves for what they really are – foes. Just walk now.

  4. We have been far to generous we gain and they loose out now is good for the UK but bad for the E.U. I think they should change their name from the EU to BILL because that is the only thing they want to talk about

  5. Haha take that you delusional brexiteers David Davis is a complete joke he couldn’t negotiate a bag of potatoes from the market

  6. I think we're getting ready to walk away.there's nothing more we can say or when we do say something it's not good enough for the European union so fuck them and all so fuck the people from the European union

  7. pay us to stay in ,with no free movement ,no EU judges ,seconds thoughts naw just fcuk off,and leave this swamp

  8. Enough of the so called talks,they will just drag it on and on,tell the eu no talks we go to wto and walk away no transition and no money

  9. Just more pointless talking , just to delay the inevitable. How much you going to give us ? Why do they pretend to think that they deserve the upper hand in this negotiation ? Their fucked and they know it.

  10. I'm fed up with all this shite, we need to get out ASAP. Those "un-elected old men in Brussels" will soon come running after us for a trade deal once we're out

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