12 thoughts on “BREAKING!!! CNN-Government Admit there are Energy Weapons!!!”

  1. Pretentiousness is soul-sucking and it's killing natural personality development via the influence of celebretard reality television and constant internet postings by celebretards.

  2. Sorry about your migraine. I use to get cluster migraines
    What worked for me is an ice pack on you forehead, spine and back of the neck. Blessings

  3. Finally a public acknowledgement of the "D.E.W.s"  Directed Energy Weapons.. Main secret  behind most of them High Speed Capacitance!  1 watt over 1 second is 1 watt, but 1 watt expended in 1 microsecond is 1 megawatt per meter at the antenna source for 1 microsecond!  think Pulsed Power!  EASIER to generate a whopping EMP then you think!!!

  4. Why in the world did it take you 2 minutes and 15 seconds to address the actual topic? Wow! Please do not upload when you don't feel well. It shows and then discourages subscribers from staying as such

  5. Yes, I'm sick of the fakeness too. I've stopped watching CNN and all mainstream media since 9/11, they have been lying all along. Of course the controllers in control of the media have been lying about EVERYTHING since forever.

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