1. Huma & Hillary & Obama all belong in jail for TREASON among their other numerous crimes along with their corrupt cronies.

  2. How many DAMNING documents have to be released before these criminals are round up, tried and imprisoned ? AMERICANS ARE FED UP !! OUTRAGEOUS !!!!!

  3. Time for the People to round up all these vermin and have OUR own tribunal and to pass down their judgements. Our Government is allowing these vermin to go unpunished.

  4. This whole situation to us regular Americans is unbelievable! We need to believe in a system that is balanced for all. When will this HRC situation get resolved? I hope I live ling eough to see it.

  5. Govern MENTAL Fat Bill and Little Hillary pay to play N.Korea thank you America being taken from the inside out – Found a cure for insanity nothing yet for American stupidity !!

  6. Hillary needs to have her E-mails released from the crooked FBI.Was Hillary taking money to allow Dow Chemical poisoning of the atmosphere?

  7. There's more evidence that HRC and the Clinton Foundation, as well as Obama, should be investigated than President Trump's involvement in anything crooked.

  8. Some of the e-mails should reveal something about Benghazi and maybe Benghal as an exchange for releasing 5 Gitmo terrorists, which supposedly was her idea.

  9. Well all the evidence is piling up on Clinton and the democrats and their lies are also becoming obvious. Now even Comey has been exposed as having written the pardon for Hillary months before they even questioned the witnesses. The whole Hillary legal case was a sham and Clinton, Comey and everyone else connected lied to the American people and stole millions in legal fees and congressional panels that were involved. Everything is becoming so obviously clear and I'm sure it won't take time to find out that Obama was part of the smokescreen and nefariousness. Will anyone go to jail or pay for their crimes is yet to be seen. We never charged Bush and Cheney for war crimes and dragging the country into war that we are still fighting and all the money they stole from Social security or all the money that the military lost and has no idea where it went. Public officials have a long history of getting away with criminal activity and the fact are that the whole system is saturated with crooks and if we arrested everyone involved we wouldn't have anyone left with a job and the government would fall to ruins. Maybe that's what needs to happen the whole ship needs to be burned down and let a new crew rebuild from the ground up. It will destroy the economy and our place in the global stage I just hope Trump is able to lead the nation in rebuilding our entire system.

  10. Her along with all the rest should be in prison and Dow Chemical should be sorry they were such big donors to the Clinton people >

  11. Hillary had a sexual affair with Yoko Ono in the 70's. She's a bull dyke lesbian. Im pretty sure Huma slept her way into that position.

  12. One of the four men that died at Benghazi was subpoenaed to testify against HRC and Obama for providing weapons to ISIS. No one that has been subpoenaed to testify against the Clintons has lived to do so and there have been others such as Ron Brown in the beginning. Even though the Clintons have always had a motive they have never been charged. Someone paid for that attack on Benghazi ( Soros or the Clinton Foundation?) Benghazi was premeditated Murder. This country will not be America again until HRC and those who are shielding her pay for their crimes. I hope to God we can execute her before she dies of her diseases. She is the lowest criminal that has ever plagued this country.

  13. It is in my opinion that Hillary Clinton and all of her cronies including the bushes be hung in the street, they as well as many others have committed treason against the people and against the United States of America. neither Her position nor wealth should be able to protect her.

  14. These criminals wouldn't even be in politics if it wasn't lucrative. They love stealing and spending taxpayer hard-earned dollars. They laugh all the way to the bank!!

  15. Do you remember when we were kids and we went snipe hunting in the woods? Well we need a snipe hunter,a bag and a piece of hot lead.Thats really the only way to bag a nasty snipe right? Good Lord you would think there would be an experianced hunter out there wouldnt you? Maybe they are afraid of the bite of this snipe tho,its been around a long time,killed a lot of innocent people wandering in the woods.

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