12 thoughts on “Buffalo Bills fans lament playoff loss to Jacksonville Jaguars”

  1. I respect Bills fans, Miami did all this in 2008, plus I miss Incognito. It sucks to lose! Miami helped you in this Year….Tannehill is coming, and Drake is going to be Special runner too, (if he can stay healthy.) I love the Bills / Dolphins games. That is football! Lets all cheer and root for our team next season!!!

  2. We got this next year! We still one in the end of the day! We got so many draft picks ahead and free agency money! Next year will be a start of a new era in buffalo! #TrustTheProcess

  3. Jags fan here. Mad respect to the Bills. You guys gave us a good fight and the fans turned out. Good luck next year and hope Tyrod is ok!

  4. Be serious, if the Jag’s front office had traded for Garopollo they would be a superbowl contender right now. Blake is their weak link and I would be suprised if they don’t address it in the off season. Their defense is built so I would look for them to go heavy on offense in the draft. Jags will be the team to beat in 2018.

  5. these people are delusional. There was no bad calls to speak of. And there's no way the Bills are gonna be good next year they won't even have a QB

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