Bullied 13-Year-Old’s Organs to be Donated Following Suicide

13 thoughts on “Bullied 13-Year-Old’s Organs to be Donated Following Suicide”

  1. I can't imagine how kids could be so evil and so mean to drive a person to kill themselves. It's so sad that this kind of stuff actually happens and it's even worse that they're still making fun of her

  2. My heart aches for you guys as my daughter is also a victim of bullying and know how you felt hopeless when you asked for help

  3. I hope those people that shamed this beautiful individual live with guilt for there rest of there lifes for runing this this little girls life and family may she rip

  4. We had a student named Isaac King commit suicide about 2 months ago, that was a day before the freeman shooting 45 minutes away from my school..

  5. My sister is being builled…
    Guess what I did…
    I beat the person ass(also my friends did)Im in 5th grade and my sister is in 7th

  6. End the day kids stop bullying. We need to sign a petition for anti-bullying so we can make schools a better place.

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