12 thoughts on “Can O Worms Set-Up (how to)”

  1. This is the first instruction that's made sense. I've been wondering why I've always had just the one tray – i.e. how do I coax the worms up to the next level. By putting the food in the tray above the worms, they'll have to crawl up into it to eat. I've had my Can O Worms for over 2 years and they're still only in the first tray, so I'm going to do it Mark's way and see how it goes.

  2. Just wondering if you still got the worm bin.
    It's great idea to reuse the packaging but by putting the whole cardboard it will stop the airflow, will get too soggy. Took forever for the worms to break it down. This is speaking from my experience. Would be nice to see your current bin condition.

  3. i just bought the can-o-worm. and coconut fibre took forever to get soft. I just separate it by myself. i hope i didn't screw up my worms' house .

  4. Good and simple vid.  It's not rocket science.  I got a big bale of peat-moss and that seems to work well,  Moisten it up and chuck in a bunch of veges and stuff,  I think I spoil my worms because I chop the compost into bits and sometimes blend it.  They go nuts when I do it; I feel like Caesar and they are my minions. I did a test on regular potting soil, with Miracle Grow, and my mix with worm castings/vermiculite/perilite and it's what you would imagine.  Mine was superior!  Miracle grow came in a close 2nd to the loser but couldn't touch the worm-grow.  
    Viva la verms!!!

  5. perfect!! I inherited my worm farm from my Grandma's shed and didn't have the instructions – this made perfect sense, glad I found before using the lid as the base for the worm bedding….

  6. Hi Mark, great video, what about meat scraps?
    I'm buying two of the rectangular Worm Cafe's, one for kitchen scraps and another purely for dog poo (to keep seperate), can any meat be put into either of them?

  7. Very good video. I had the farm given to me and was not sure how to start it. Thanks for the information!

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