19 thoughts on “Carpenter Brut – Trilogy”

  1. Hard to beat that second EP, especially that run from matt stryker to sexkiller. Just an orgasmic bit of work

  2. 5:20 came out of fucking nowhere and I love it to death. All of this is A1, he needs so much more recognition for his work. Truly a one of a kind masterpiece.

  3. I just noticed that you can faintly hear the opening to "Escape From Midwich Valley" at the end of "Invasion A.D." – very cool Easter Egg.

  4. Have been on this artist’s tracks for years and looking back on the YouTube channel and the music from me in 2018 I think, in retrospect, of how this has been a WILD three years and how my life has changed so much or little. Amazing three albums, with it being a new experience every single time, last time I listened to a full run was two years ago and I’m in tears at how this music holds me back to 2014, 2015, 2016 and the times I’ve had back then. Happy New Years 2018


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